Oh no: Rumours are spreading!

I was looking for some news about winx club and happen to find tones of videos saying that the fan art phoebe found is a real transformation! We can't let a huge rumour like this spread! It would be a HUGE let down for all the people who saw thoes videos and found it was just fanmade! Here are the videos that started that rumour

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG6YkPmcOM0&feature=fvw(If these URLs dont work, so sorry for the trouble)

So what i'm asking is for you to help to stop this rumour from spreading, here are some ways you can help

1)leave a comment to the poeple who made these videos telling them it's only fanmade
2)create a video for everyone to see telling them something like "falso info' the season 5 trasformation is not announced and thoes pictures are only fanmade
3)you could spread word that the pictures are fanmade

There are more ways you can help but thoes are just some ideas on how you can help,



Polly Plaza Swan said...

Hello! Your blog is verry cool!Everyone knows that these are fan art by tata. I do not know how could they not realize ...
My blog:newpwb.blogspot.com
(don´t worry. My blog has a translator)

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