Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!

Wow, who ever knew that we (the Winx) are so popular on Earth? It's truly amazing! And so is this site, wow Angela the new layout is truly magical!
The girls and I are so excited to join the Winx 4 Life team! When Ella came to us with this idea there was no way we could say no. So far Musa, Flora (wow there are 2 Floras here, I hope they don't get mistaken for another!) Roxy and I have joined the site! Don't worry Bloom, Layla and Tecna will be joining us soon! Bloom is helping out back on Domino, Layla is helping finishing rebuilding some of her realm Andros (they are almost done , they have been working on it since Valtor was defeated. He sure did a number on that realm!)and Tecna is busy helping Headmistress Faragonda with some new program that will help Alfea; with something ( I really didn't listen to what she was saying, sorry but I was trying to call Brandon). Oh and speaking of Brandon, I some how managed to get him to help us out too! Now him along with the other girls are trying to get rest of the specialist to join Letters To Winx! Hopefully it will work! We will all try to post as much as we can with teaching classes, helping Roxy with her magic, saving the magical dimension from time to time and everything else! So be sure to email us lots of letters, we all can't wait for August 8th! So send in your emails! Like Ella said, we will keep your name or username unposted.
See you all soon!


Ella said...

We are so glad you all could join us! Thanks again!

Flora said...
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Stellabigfan said...

I'm so excited!!!

Flora said...

Why did you remove my post:(?

Ella said...

I don't know what happened, blogger is acting up.

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