Winx 4 Life Is Looking For Some New Team Members!

Hay everyone Ella here!
Because my fellow team members along with myself are very busy, we have decided that we are going to add some new team members to the Winx 4 Life family! So if you want to join our team send us an email at with the fallowing.
Why you love Winx:
Why you want to join the Winx 4 Life team:

So email us today!


Eclair said...

i want to join but i don't have gmail only yahoo.
Name: Victoria
Age: 16
Why i love Winx: I love cause it's so mystical and fairytale that i love so much.
Why i want to join the Winx 4 Life team: Cause I'm a huge fan of winx i'm always making my winx characters when i'm on the computer and draw them on paper when i'm off the computer. I would love to be part of the Winx 4 Life team.

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