BUSTING 4kids!

I saw this mean 4kids commercial in the internet, it was the worst thing to happen! They made WinX lose, and Shaman King win. IT IS A BIG REASON TO SHOW YOUR BOMBS! ( WATCH VIDEO BELLOW )

That's right! They made Shaman King win! This is a sentence I improved from the video's comments .

" It is a pity, winx, that did not win ...... Yes, I really hate the way winx being busted. I would like to fight Shaman King, and Kirby divided them! half and crushed to pieces! "

( The sentence means please respect the winx 4kids. They did not win because your stupid mind thought Shaman King was more powerful than the winx. )

I wanted to tell all of you some people did not believe in the WinX. I plain hope there was season 5 of Winx Club and Season 2 of Kirby Right Back at Ya!


Flora said...

Winx should have won,but hey,what can you do:)

Ella said...

So unfair, everyone knows the Winx always wins!

Stellabigfan said...

That's so MEAN! I love the Winx! They always win and they should keep it like that! Now the entire world will see it! From youtube, from their TV's, and they'll think Shaman King is cooler! urg, It's so unfair!

Flora said...

How did the winx even lose?They have magic powers,to defeat 4 grown wizards and they lose to kids with other things?Not as powerful?Weird huh.

Princesska28 said...

-_-;; I wish that the OC I'll put in fan creations would beat those wizards. Flora said in the Seed of Disagreement ( A comic I got ) friendship is more important to children than adults. The final smash of Shaman King was unfair and made Winx look like dummies and THEY ( Shaman King ) DON'T DO TEAMWORK AS MUCH! 4kids is a Jejemonishly n00b.

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