Winx 4 Life's 3 Mouth Anniversary!

Hey everyone!
Today is a special day here at Winx 4 Life, why you may ask? Well today Winx 4 Life turns 3 mouths old! I know not a really big mile stone, but we have come so far.
We have come so far in such a short amount of time, 8 team members that have become good friends, 10 twitter followers, over 100 post on the site, a great new look for all the pages (thanks again Angela), over 1300 hits on the site, 293 people who have joined out facebook page and much more. No matter what it always seems so amazing to see how far the site has come in such a short time. And there is much more to come! So thank you all; for everything! Like I have said before the Winx are magical; look what they have done- they have brought people together that other wise wouldn't have ever meet. Now that is the true magic of the Winx Club, and they have sure left some of their magic here!


Icy Evil said...

Well, let me be the first to say, congratz. This blog ROCKS!

Ella said...


Flora said...

Yea,thx!Wo huuuu!!Our aniversery!!!!HAPPY Winx4Life anniversery!!!And Winx4life letters to winx,starts 2-day!!Please read your email about that Ella:)

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