I need your help!!

Hey all! Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Mattel requesting that they bring back their beautiful Winx Club dolls. I wanted to ask you guys to please please do the same. I am not 100% sure if it will work, but I think that if a bunch of us write to Mattel - maybe they will be convinved that these dolls are worth being brought back! I know that a lot of you love the dolls and wish that they were sold in stores again. I just wanted to ask you guys to please take a few minutes to write a letter to Mattel, telling them how much you love the dolls and wish they were in stores again. Here is their contact info at this link. Below is my letter if you need some inspiration. (I recommend putting your age and city/state in the signature like I did because we want Mattel to know that kids across the country want the Winx to come back! :))

Dear Sir or Madame,
Sometime ago, I came across your line of Winx Club dolls. I knew right off the bat that these dolls were not your average Barbie doll. They were beautifully done, with soft (and I mean soft - I see way too many dolls these days with hard hair!), lightly glittered hair, real eyelashes around their intensely colored eyes as well as having very detailed fingers and toes. (Which I never see in dolls besides these.) Not only were the dolls beautifull themselves, but the clothes and wings too! They reflected the TV show so well - almost as if you magically pulled the characters right out of the screen. Very rarely do I see dolls with such detailed clothing (such as real pockets!). The same applies to the playsets such as the Fairy Lounge. Never before have I seen a nail polish bottle about the size of a pea that you could actually take the brush out of the bottle. Even the colorful, glittery packages that these dolls came in was enough to get me excited - even though I am a highschooler!
Sadly, these dolls have not been in stores for quite some time now. I had begun collecting these dolls pretty much right when they stopped selling them in stores. Now, Ebay is one of the only places you can find these beautiful dolls. Even there, I am seeing less and less - and when there are some, they are very expensive. That is why I would like to request that you bring these dolls back - and start producing them again. I know there are many others like me who would dearly love to see them in stores again, and collect them. I believe that they would make a good come back because they are so very unique - and they are so much more beautiful than the Italian dolls (Winx Club originates in Italy, but sadly their dolls are no where near as beautiful as the Mattel line.) I also believe that people who know nothing of Winx Club would also be attracted to these dolls because they are not like your average poorly done Bratz doll - or Moxy doll. These dolls are bright and colorful with glittery, very well done wings (way too may dolls have paper wings with glitter glue smothered on top - but the Winx Club have beautiful, durable light up plastic wings!) and I really think they would attract more buyers than a lot of dolls today.
I, and many other Winx fans would be so very happy if you brought these amazing dolls back into existance.

Thank you very much for reading my letter. I do hope you take this into consideration. It would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Angela Nelson, Age, City/State


Stellabigfan said...

I'll definitly help you!

Stellabigfan (not signed in)

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

You wrote a veritable novel that almost has nothing to do with manufacturing more dolls at times. Your letter takes a long time to get to its point. The principle is to keep it short, simple and blunt because they won't read every single word. Because of that, you lose the point of your message.

A simple, "Please, manufacture more Winx Club dolls because they are hard to find," is much more effective than your letter.

Flora said...

Hey girls,they do sell Winx Club dolls,in Europe,where they are originally made.Italy is where they were created.I'm not sure why they stopped selling them in the U.S. They used to sell them here,I have two dolls,one I bought from Kmart.Good luck Angie!!

Flora said...

Oh,and Bratz and Moxie are made by MGA Entertainment,I used to be obsessed with them,just to let you know.But I bet they don't mind:)

Angela said...

@ Kiku, LOL, what can I say? I can be a little overly dramatic sometimes, and I like to really get my point across (ESPECIALLY in letters xD). I figured that whoever will be reading it probably doesn't even know much about the dolls - and I wanted them to know how great these dolls are. :) If I had simply said "Please, manufacture more Winx Club dolls because they are hard to find" I wouldn't be getting my point across nearly as much as I would like. They want to know WHAT we liked about them and WHY they should bring them back - that way they know that they are not just re-making another Barbie line, but something much more unique. People like reasons, so I gave them some. ^^
@Flora, aw that is so cool!! :D

Angela said...

Oh, and @Stellabigfan - thanks so much!! Every letter counts. :D

Ella said...

Count me in! I would love to find some new Winx stuff here in the US!

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

You can make a point about sentimental value but I don't think saying "Never before have I seen a nail polish bottle about the size of a pea that you could actually take the brush out of the bottle," is an effective argument. The manufactorers won't care about sentimental value unless they see a market for it. Quantity over quality, unfortunately.

Angela said...

Well, it's not so much the specifics of the item that matters to them, but the fact that I wrote down a very detailed description of the dolls, and how much I liked them. I think that is convincing enough for them to think that clearly there are some people who really really liked them.
I dunno, that's just me. I guess it could go either way depending on who reads the letter. ^^

Flora said...

Hey girls,its her letter and I guess we all write differently.How you write it is just you:)

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