Molly Quinn Answers Fan Question

Credit to Michael for posting about this first!

On a side note, you can now follow Winx 4 Life via email. Also I have added a blog list with other Winx sites listed, along with the news updates. If there is a site I am missing, please let me know!


Stellabigfan said...

Cool! Now we know the exact date it starts :D And did she say "2 original seasons"? Does she mean after the specials we'll get to see season 1 and 2 normally or is she talking about season 5 and 6? This is so exciting! If only she knew detailas about the merch and the other voice actresses :D

Stellabigfan said...

Oh wait she said "In Auguest" so it can't be season 5 and 6 :P

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