Nickelodeon/Rai Winx Club official season 4 trailer.

It's basicly the same as the Rai Trailer, I couldn't find any differences (Then again it's been so long since I watched the Rai Trailer) but here you go anyway. Credit to BelieveinWinx


Kawaii as a Divina said...

This is the Rai English season 4 trailer there's no difference.

Anonymous said...

this is the trailer they will be using for the moment!
nick will release one with their own dub soon or later in june!

Ella said...

Anonymous- Cool, can't wait to see it.

I have to say seeing this trailer again brings memories back from 2009!

Winxlewanty said...

Hi Ella,
It was me BelieveInWinx
Yeah it does bring back alot of memories but this time with more excitement!

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