Coming Soon, Promo Work

Credit to OP from Una di Noi for posting about this first!

Molly Quinn facebooked, this Thursday, the following.

"I think all the voices are going to be great. In a couple of Saturdays we are supposed to get together for some promo work. I will try and get more info and some pictures for everybody then."

Like OP said, the promo work could be many things; press pics, a table read, or maybe a ad for the show, who knows. But this will answer everyone's burring questions about who is voicing who. 

So be sure to keep an eye on her facebook page as well the site for more news about the big cast reveal and everything Winx!


Casey said...


Stellabigfan said...

Yess!!!!The answer to my questions!!

Anonymous said...

Omg that is the answer she posted on my post! :D :D My name is Dane

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