Winx Graphic Novel 1 Preview

As you may recall a while back Winx Club graphic novels where spotted on sites like as well as Previews with a release date of July 5th.

Typically with comics and graphic novels the reader gets a preview ruffly a week before it hits stands, however when searching the net I found School Library Journal who have posted the first few pages of the comic. 

If you read the Winx comics then you might quickly recognize this as issue two- The Secret of Alfea.

 What are your thoughts on the preview as well as the graphic novel series?


Shayna (シエイナ) said...

I'm soooo excited for this! I'm going to buy every volume! :D

Ella said...


Anonymous said...

I'll be buying every single Winx book they publish - comics, novels, even books made for 4-year-olds like sticker books and picturebacks.

I like the preview!

Anonymous said...

So AWSOME! I LOVE you guys!

Ella said...

Same here anonymous, I seriously can not wait until they come out.

Anonymous said...
Please look at the link winx4life.
You can see about 72 winx graphic novels

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

The format used for the Winx comics is not currently popular with girls in America, in my opinion. It's American comic book size, but not many young girls read comics like the Winx. Here in Quebec, it's common because we have our Old World influences and imports, but I think this will go through some rough patches in America because they're basically trying to make a new genre of specifically girly comics. Their biggest competitor will probably be Disney/Hyperion, the people who publish both the Tinkerbell comic series and WITCH in English and/or French. The thing is that paper is a dying format in America at least. How many kids want books and comics when their parents give them tablets? Everything is digital and it feels like the culture is moving towards some sort of cultural universality.

Ella said...

I believe that usually American comics are about twenty-two pages (at least that is how long the series I read had and ran about $3.99 per issue and annuals cost a dollar more), so this is un-usually large.

It is very much so true that not many, if any comics are targeted towards the female readers,and I have taken notice that they are trying to make more girl centric comics along the lines of Disney Fairies and so forth. For younger readers Disney has a very strong line of comics that sometimes require them to go into a second printing. However I do think I have seen a WITCH comic in a while.

Ah yes, tablets and e-readers have become very popular and quite a few comic publishers have indeed made it so their products can be downloaded. Personally (and no offense to anyone who feels differently) I do not care for the e-readers when it comes to all forms of print. It just doesn't feel "real" unless I can feel the paper.

It really does feel that way.

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