Harmonix dolls.

Image credit to. DevaintARTist fantazyme

Season five is not that far away and we now have our first look at one of the brand-new transformations the Winx fairies will achieve in the upcoming season, Harmonix. If you take a close look at Bloom, Stella and Flora you will notice their doll outfits have been used as promo art. Orginally it was believed that it was to be Sirenix, but it appers it is not.

Personally I want to get a better look at the animated version of this and learn more about the transformation before I make my assumptions. But if Roxy isn't going to join the Winx in this new mission, then why is Aisha's outfit still blue and not green?

What do you think of Harmonix, what are your predictions for this all new transformation? Also don't forget this Sunday season four airs on Nick at 12/1c, be sure to tune in. :)


Cynthia said...

Oooh, I really like the color scheme and design. Although, I was half hopeing half expecting to see Roxy there. :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe Roxy's harmonix will be showed at last to suprise everyone?

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