Secret of the Lost Kingdom Gets Relase Date

It's now official, the first Winx Club movie will be coming out on DVD on August 7th. A tweet from NickelodeonDVD confirms what has already been posted on various online shopping sites.

Besides the feature film the DVD includes seven bonus episodes from the series and probably additional Winx-tastic features!

Will you be pre-ordering the DVD or perhaps hitting your favorite store on the 7th? What bonus features do you hope to see on the back of the DVD?


Specialist7 said...

What I think will really make fans go absolutly crazy would be to have the show's VA's at a store that sells the DVD giving out autographs. How's that for a "limited edition" relese?

Ella said...

Now that would rock. I would be just as happy with the DVD having some commentary with the VAs.

Anonymous said...

winxgirls12: wow i love the movie

Cynthia said...

@Specialist7 that would be AWESOME!!
But, my b-day is around the time of the dvd release so I would just be happy if I got that.

Hey....I wonder if the bonus episodes could be ones from seasons 1 and 2 that Nick cut out to make the 1-hour specials. It might not be new to us, but it's be new to the newer winx fans who never saw the whole seasons before.

GuardianOfEarth said...

7 episodes huh? what can it be? And if it is S1 (I think S2 cut too much for 7 episodes) i wonder which episodes are they.

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