Review on the Jakks Pacific Winx dolls (NOW IN STORES)

Hai guysss! :)

Not sure if this is being spread around a lot in the fandom yet, but the Jakks Pacific dolls are now glitterfying up the shelves at Toys R Us! :D  Sadly... (well, not SADLY, just unfortunate for those of us who want to buy them...) they are extremely popular, and are selling out constantly.  Somehow I managed to get to Toys R Us in time to pick up three of the girls (when I left, there was only a single Bloom sitting alone on the shelf, who was quickly picked up the next time I checked.)  And I must say, I am QUITE pleased with the dolls!  If you would like to read a review of the dolls, by all means, keep scrolling!  Be warned though, that this will be a very long post. ;)

Aalright, so lets start with the dolls themselves.. They are super super cute.  The face has awesome detail - the eyes are accurately proportionate with a vibrant sparkly iris colour, and their noses and lips follow suit in proportions to the face.  The makeup wasn't overdone, but gives off a shimmery pink touch to brighten up their eyes and lips.  Most of all, their faces are shaped correctly.  They aren't flat or squashed looking like some dolls I see, but instead follow the heart-shaped guidelines the cartoon has portrayed on the girls.

I'll be honest, one of the top things that made me wary to buy these dolls was the jointed elbows, wrists and knees.  Why?  Because I used to have a Barbie doll with them and her limbs just would not STAY.  They would flop around and make her look much like a puppet - and not only that, but they were very visible and not very pretty.  However, when I took these Winx dolls out and started posing them, their poses stayed in place!  And not only that, the joints are hardly even visible.  I had tons of fun posing these dolls in sitting positions, battle poses, and simple walk-down-the-street poses.  Surprisingly to me, I actually find their posing abilities much more believable than the Mattel line.. here are some examples of how you can pose them.

The only thing bothering me about the doll's proportions are their childish figure.  As you can see, they are quite flat-chested, and their torso is overall rather straight up and down, and not as hour-glass-like as the Mattel dolls, or the characters themselves.

Moving on to the clothes.  As you can see from Flora's Outfit, it lacks much detail.

They got the idea right, but then they just omitted any details and stuck a flower on the top.  Don't get me wrong, the outfit is very cute, but it is quite simple - and I know they could have put more effort into it.  However, I am completely in love with how they did the shoes!  They are very detailed, and they brought back memories of my Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls with my name printed on their feet for this reason...

Their logo on their foot.  Too cute!

Next, their wings are amazing.  I'll admit, I was a bit wary of them at first because they looked cheap and basically looked like a very thin sheet of plastic (which I have had an experience with on another faerie doll... and it fell apart.).  But these weren't like that at all!  Granted, they are thin, but the plastic is heavy-duty - yet light enough that when you rock the doll back and forth, the wings flutter very realistically (much like a butterfly).  Also, they are extremely detailed and look just like they do in the show.  The glitter added was a lovely touch, but does tend to rub off and get on everything.

While it's difficult to tell in the photograph, there is actually a Winx X shape jutting out of the back of the wings, which is what fits into the doll's back.  I thought that was quite note-worthy for the creativity there!  Overall, I actually prefer this style of wings to the Mattel.  They are wing like, and not a hard plastic (as much as I love Mattel - and the detail of the wings!)

And next up - the hair!  The hair styles are amazing.  They are so accurate - and I was completely impressed that they added Bloom's braids into her hair.

My only issue with the hair is that the texture in sections is very hard.. and basically has a very hair-sprayed feel to it.  In addition, when I removed the dolls from the box, the hair was rather frizzy - and looked as though it had been brushed several times before being packaged.

 The only accessories included in the set are a hairbrush (they are all the same, regardless of the doll - which I found slightly disappointing) and a little membership card that allows you to watch a video on the Nickelodeon website.

Lastly, the price was quite reasonable.  (At least compared to what I have been paying for my dolls!) For one Believix doll, her hair brush and collectible card - was $19.99 + tax.

My rating for these gorgeous dolls overall would be 4/5 stars.  They were very well done - and I have high hopes for future products by them!

Hope this proves useful to you guys :D

PS: Surpriise, hope y'all like the new layout ;D


Shayna (シエイナ) said...

I really want to get them, but at the same time I really don't want to spend $20 for them.

Specialist7 said...

Oh yea! Move over Barbie, there's a new doll ready to take the spotlight.

Cynthia said...

I don't have the believix dolls by Jakks, but I have he ones by simba. I can already see there are a lot of differences between the two...

Oh, and I recently just bought the Concert Collection Winx Club dolls by Jakks! I did a review on them. Click here if you want to read it:

Stellabigfan said...


Cross off that RIDICULOUS junk alreay on my Christmas List- MAKE ROOM FOR THE WINX! WOOT WOOT! My parents usually have a budget that they spend $50 for me on Christmas, which is enough for 2 dolls! (3 if I chip in!) lol!

Ella said...

LOL 7, love it!

Honestly twenty dollars (plus tax) isn't that bad. The dolls are really well made and have a ton of detail put into them that makes they look very canon.

Anonymous said...

wow wat a beateful dolls i have bloom and stela en musa(belivix)en al the charmix dolls of jakks prafic en the pakket wif icy and de bloom,stella en flora enchanix ind my home

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