Gold and Sliver Bloom Believix Dolls and Comics

As you may recall Toys R Us is releasing a special black and blue Bloom Believix doll, but if you are attending this year's Comic-Con you will also get to see two other Bloom Believix dolls- one in silver and one in gold! According to Idle Hands there are only 500 units of Silver Bloom and Gold Bloom is giveaway only. So if you are planning on attending San Diego Comic-Con be sure to stop by Nick's booth and pick one up! :)

Also the new Winx Club graphic novels are now out and are really cool. Each novel is 96 pages (retails for $6.99) and features two of the original comics and a meet the characters page.

What do you think about gold and silver Bloom? Amusing you are attending Comic-Con, will you be picking up a Bloom doll?


Cynthia said...

Well, if I lived in San Diego I would pick them both up! But sadly I don't and my mom doesn't like the idea of flying there. :P

Btw, I love the new layout. Now i just have to get use to clicking on the top of the post to comment!

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

"Amusing?" I think you mean "assuming."

Either way, the dolls are cool but I would have no place to put them in my house. I would have preferred plastic figures like the ones given out with the Magical Adventure magazine in France.

Anonymous said...

just like cynthia i cant go to the comic con, im going to california at the end of july though. if only my freind booked it the week of the san diego comic is my favorite because she has a diferent out fit.

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