"We Are Believix" To Drop July 28th (Saturday)

As previously posted on Michael's Winx Club, BelieveInWinx and MagixJourney.

Amazon has added a preview of a brand-new Winx Club song named "We Are Believix" sung by none of other than Elizabeth Gilles that is available to download on the 28th- Saturday. Being a preview you can only listen to about thirty seconds but trust me when I say it is more than enough to enchant and make you want to sing along!

It looks like we now know what that music video was about. ^^

Be sure to give "We Are Believix" a listen and tell us what your thoughts on the brand-new tune are.


Cynthia said...

I loved it! I can't wait until the full version of the song comes out! At first I wans't sure how a deeper voice singing for Winx Club would turn out, but Elizaveth Gilles voice was fantastic! I hope they make her do more Winx Club songs.

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