Season Five, EpisodeTwo: "The Rise of Tritannus" Summary

Even though we are still only days away from the premier of the fifth season of Winx, the second episode's title have already been announced! As posted on MagixJourney the following summary has been provided by TV Listings.

"Winx Club
Episode: The Rise of Tritannus
S05, E02
The Winx hold a benefit concert to clean up the oil spill; Tritannus absorbs the spill's pollution and transforms into a monster; Tritannus and Trix escape from prison."


Sibylla Justice said...

A little disappointing the band is back, but I was pretty much expecting that anyway.
It seems like this is going to be an awesome Season! I wonder if he'll absorb it on purpose??? Like, a save the city sacrifice kind of thing.

Cynthia said...

Cool! The second episode airs the day before my birthday!

GuardianOfEarth said...

Well well, after Roccaluce and the Omega Dimension, here they go again. xD
Is there anything that can hold the Trix?

Anonymous said...

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