Season Five Airdates: US and Italy

Credit to Michael's Winx Club, fanfiction writer michelle loves you, Winx-Fairies, BelieveInWinx and Cynthia's Winx Blog.

It looks as if the wait for season five isn't that much longer as a new Winx Club ad has been surfacing the net on , a real life version of the social networking site the characters of Nick's other show Victorious are often use and talk about in the series.

Back on topic, the ad was first found last night by michelle loves you, yet oddly Nick hasn't aired a new commercial yet in addition to their history of unannounced time changes I'm not fully positive if Beyond Believix will air then, but I remain hopeful and excited more ads will follow.

Meanwhile, for all the Italian Winx fans the official Winx Club web sites confirms that season five is set to air on October 23 at 7:20am Monday- Friday on Rai Due!

What do you all think of Beyond Believix airing in about two weeks, are you excited? Any guess or productions for season five?


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