"Winx Club 5th Season... a new world to discover!" On Winx Club Online!

On the official Winx Club web site's announce section a new image along with the caption "Winx Club 5th Season... a new world to discover!" has been added, if you click on 'more' a new page opens up in your browser (as seen below).

On the new season five page by putting your mouse over each of the Winx you can access a different feature.

Starting to the left with our favorite Fairy of Nature, if you click on Flora the season five trailer pops up (the newly updated one also seen on the homepage).

In the middle of the three Winx, Bloom allows you to gain access to a photo gallery; but alas, due to the circle not being shaded in pink you can't access the images quite yet. But be sure to check back later for pics! :)

Last, but never least, is Stella. Click on the fairy of the shinning sun to download black and white coloring pages of the six Winx girls in their new everyday attire. Something really cool they have added is a smaller image of the same image in color for anyone who wants to follow the color scheme. ^^


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