New Winx Group 'Love and Pet' Image, With Roxy


As posted on WinxClub4Ever

Now it looks as if we now have no reason to not think that Roxy is a Winx, but why didn't they add this in season 4? And it also appears that her color maybe yellow.

Personally, I love her outfit! What do you think?


Flora said...

Thats cute but I don't really want Roxy to be an actual Winx,just a friend of theirs :) What do you think?

Sweet and Sour Forever said...

I think it's the most stylish it matches her magic powers.

winx4eva said...

my guess roxy gets a job a love and pet and thats her work outfit but yellow doesnt match her skin tone

Kae Lily said...

Roxy's outfit is so cute! I love the shirt and headband.

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