When Did You Become A Winx Fan

Today is an unforgettable day, at least to me it is. It was 5 years ago today that I became a die-hard fan, of you guessed it Winx! I know, not really a big deal, but in a way it is.

I could go into great detail into how I seen it and on, and on. But I'm not going to board you all to death! But I will say the things you find when channel surfing(no joke, that is actually how I first seen Winx! Season 2 Episode 1). Now I'm really glad nothing was on that day. Or I may have never become a Winx fan, and this site may have never been made! It was also the same day when I seen our friend Micheal's website.

So now that you know how I became a Winx fan, how did you all become a fan? What made you stop and watch, or how did you hear about it??


Stellabigfan said...

I was 5 when I first watched it. I was watching cartoon network and Winx club was on and that's how I discovered it.

Anonymous said...

I got into Winx back in 2004, when it first came on in the 'States. I've seen the commercials and had gotten curious--it looked very good and showed plenty of promise. I saw the sneak peek episode--"Attack of the Senior Witches"--and was basically hooked ever since. To me, Winx was like a magical version of "Saved By The Bell", at first with the high school setting and the Harry Potter-like feel to it. Then time went on and I began to see Winx as what it truly was--misandrist and child-centric. This was around the third season and I had noticed that aside from a few minor details such as fashion and looks, the girls haven't really changed. The girls still thought they were all that and the boys were still way too one-dimensional for my tastes. Still, I liked Winx and saw oppoprtunities to change it, if only on an unofficial basis such as fanfiction (those who explore the Winx fandom would know me as Charra Loon, author of the Winx crossover fic "Obsidian Fire", which is currently undergoing revision) and in there, I changed what I didn't like about the show while emphasizing what I did like. I also discovered the original dubs of Winx, which is an Italian cartoon originally and found that the RAI dubs were better quality in music, content and on certain occasions, voices. To this day, I play in the Winx fandom and brainstorm on it with a fellow author who happens to be a witch--yes, a real witch--and her ideas combined with her own knowledge of the craft have made things rather...revealing.

Sweet and Sour Forever said...

Well it is still fresh in my mind I watched when it was on 4kids.I had a friend who had winx shoes from payless (by the way I didn't who were those fairies on those shows I just liked it and this was in first grade) I love those so i bought a pair and of course it had a DVD included so my first episode to see was Spelled episode 9. From there I started waking up each morning to see winx. And then in third grade I bought a winx back pack from Toy's R us that was my fave backpack. Oh yeah i also had winx sandles. Also I had 3 winx dolls (now 2 forgot where Bloom is) From there i was a big fan until I saw season 3 and the commercial said series final and then I started losing a little interest in winx. But 2 years later I was on star sue playing games and found Winx games and I saw a picture of them in believix without knowing that I thought it was Italy's version of Enchantix (I used to think Italy copied us). Then i saw this Roxy puzzle and I thought it was a fan made fairy. And searched it up on the web which took me to Wikipedia and I then knew there was a season 4 and That winx Club was an Italian show. So I got a bigger interest in Winx and I now I'm a bigger fan than before.Oh I forgot did you know that in 2nd grade I dressed up as bloom but my mom made the costume because the sizes where to small for me from the part City one.So now 6 years later I'm still a fan who is waiting for winx club seasons 5 and 6. And also I'm to stuck to the computer waiting what news are in the winx world.So that's my story.
Items I used to have:





Bloom doll.

It was like this but my mom made it.

Kae Lily said...

I first saw it when I was 10, but I really started watching when I was 12. When I first saw it, I thought it was boring. I wasn't really into "girly" cartoons, so when I saw the show about fairies, I automatically thought, "Oh, great. A show about some pretty, shop-aholic, slang-speaking, weight-worrying teen girls". But I finally did watch the show, it just because the show was on when I turn on my TV and I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't really feel like looking for something else to watch. That was when I realized it was so "girly" after all.

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