"Season 5 Screenshots" Mystery finally cleared up!


So, remember those "screenshots" that were all over the internet not too long ago, that had everyone wondering whether or not they were somehow from Season 5?  Well, turns out - they are definitely NOT from Season 5 - but are apparently from a Russian VIDEO GAME! That makes loads more sense... XD
Weird.  When they transform into their Believix, at least a couple of the Winx girls' pictures are fanart by Qba016.
Anyway, here are the other videos.

Haha, random floating cake.  I must say, Bloom looked a little terrified.

 I must say, that drawing style is really starting to grow on me - what do you guys think?

Thanks to Winx Club 4 Ever for finding this. ^^


Kawaii as a Divina said...

This explains everything now. I'm glad that this mystery is finally solved. :D

Michael said...

This is NOT season 5 or screen shots from season 5. It appears to be a fan-made motion comic, and even if it is from a Russian game, there is no evidence supporting anything for season 5. In an earlier comment it was said believix images are fan art from Qba016, so how can that be season 5?! You can't believe every YouTube video as 100% authentic. Thanks, --Michael

Anonymous said...

Well, it us hard to tell where this really did come from. After all there insn't much on it.

Ella, on my iPod. Computer is still acting up, working on fixing it and will be back soon!

Anonymous said...

I made a video about this MONTHS ago! Does no body watch my vids anymore?! :(


Angela said...

@Kawaii, IKR?

@Michael, I know it isn't season 5 screenies - it had been a little rumour going around for a while. :) I posted this to prove that rumour false. (I'll change the wording to make it more clear that they are NOT screen shots from season 5. I guess I wasn't - sorry about that! I was in a bit of a rush when I typed it up.)

@ELla, Yeah, Youtube isn't really that reliable in that sense - but hey? Russian game screen shots re much more likely than season 5 screens. ^^ I'm just still confused about the fanart in there...

@Stellabigfan, aw I'm sorry!! I'm a horrible Youtuber, just sayin. :) I can't keep up with so many different news sources. O_o

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