Signs of Winx!

Two links to the Winx Club trailer!!  (And I didn't see these when it came out, so I'm assuming they're new.)  Winx is already becoming a huge topic on Twitter - so it looks to me like it's gonna be big! 


Shayna said...

Firstly, was "Signs of Winx" intended to be a reference to the RAI opening song? 'Cause that's what I thought of. :D

Secondly, did anyone else notice that on the homepage they just refer to it as "Winx"? They probably just wanted to shorten it so it wouldn't take up too much space, but they make it look like the full name is "Winx". It's weird. :P

Ella said...

Wow, how did I miss it becoming huge on twitter?

Yeah, but I really don't mind it being just Winx, because that is what most of all always call it :D I am just glad to see everyone is excited about them returning!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the lack of a Club, too. I don't really mind, at least it's getting on the front page! Winx has really needed publicity on Nick, as it's been with them for at least eight months and no mention of it anywhere except press releases..

Angela said...

@Shayna, HAHA - actually I thought of the name and then was like "Hey, it works for the title - and references the song! Win!" So yeah, it was intentional. ^^

Hmm, yeah you're right! But yeah, it's probably just to shorten it. :)

@Ella, yeah - if you look up "Winx Club" in the search engines, there are tons of people freaking out about how excited they are about it, and how they remember it when they first came out. I take this as a good sign. :D

Ella said...

Agreed Anonymous!

I am just so beyond glad that the Winx is coming back. I never though we would see it in the States again a year ago.

Kawaii as a Divina said...

I'm so excited and Nice Icon Angela it's pretty.

Winxlewanty said...

Iam so thankful to Nickelodeon, because they are investing millions on the Winx.(So people stop complaining!)
And I think it only fair that the US fans(you guys) get it first because you guys haven't seen the Winx on TV since 4kidsTV's expired license.
But I'm still jealous of guys though :)

Ella said...

I know, they seem to really care about Winx, which is great! And it seems like forever since Winx has been on TV over here!

I just hope the Winx will bring old fans back and extend our Winx family :D

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