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At request of Kikurukina Bal Des'Cagel, I have written up our judging criteria - and I hope this will help make things more fair. :) 


JUDGING CRITERIA (how we plan to judge your pieces)

1. Outfit: Considering this is kind of a fashion contest, the outfit you design will be counted high - so be sure to make it original and fun.
2. Pose: Bases ARE allowed (just be sure to credit the person you are using them from), but creating your own well-proportioned pose will count you higher in the contest.
3. Age: We ask that you please send in your age, or (if you're not comfortable with that) your age group. (5-7), (8-12), (13-16), (17+).  You will be judged based on the talent you have for your age.
4. Media: Whether you do traditional or digital art, you will be judged in the same way.  Digital art does not get you higher unless it is well done, same with the traditional style.
5. Detail: Shading, shine and shadow will be taken note of as well - and if done well, will count you higher.

And if you missed the memo, this is the contest:

And, here are the prizes:



(And yes, they do come with two bracelets and a pack of trading cards.  I didn't really want to take an extra picture of the back.)


Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

"Age: We ask that you please send in your age, or (if you're not comfortable with that) your age group. (5-7), (8-12), (13-16), (17+)."

That seems kind of wrong to me. I don't find talent and age aren't proportionate of each other. Plus, I find that there are way too many exceptions to this.

Angela said...

The way I've always viewed it is that the older you are, the more experience you get. I'd like to know the difference between a 7 year old's drawing, versus a 15 year old's because most likely I'll see mistakes in the 7 year old's drawings that take time to perfect. Children do not see everything in a person/animal/scene that adults do. (Personal experience.) The older you get, the more open your eyes become to things around you. Plus, by the time you're 15, most likely you've got some art classes in as well. It's hardly fair to compare a 7 year old's drawing and a 15 year old's drawing in that sense, don't you think?

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

You're assuming that everyone has had the same experiences from start, which is wrong, because that is not the truth. Everyone has a different exposure to art and it's not fair to judge them by their age. If a thirty-five year old person who let's say is just discovering the therapeutic properties of arts enters this contest, that doesn't automatically mean he or she is going to have equal or better art skills than I do.

Shayna said...

I see where you're coming from Kiku, but if you think about it, a lot of art contests are categorized in age groups. A local magazine I'm subscribed to has monthly art contests, and they're all organized by age group.

If you ask me, either way is fine. If you find it easier to judge by age, then by all means, go ahead! :)

Angela said...

Kiku, that is true - it really just depends on how much you practice. But, for the most part I think a lot of people begin to develop drawing skills at a young age since that's the time their creativity is bursting.

I do hold to what I said before though, and I think having age groups does make things easier in regards to judging. I was going to mention (what Shayna already pointed out), many more elaborate art contests have age groups too. :)

StellaQueen said...

i think that rules of contest are fair.Prizes are great.!;) ♥

Winx Club fan said...

I have the boys from red foutin my sister has a friend for Bloom

Winx101 said...

Can you please post some picture of Flora Charmix doll??

Ella said...

Winx101, it is up now ^^

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