Winx Club Gets Victorious!

Credit to OP and Tabby for finding this out first!

We now know the newest Winx Club VA, Ariana Grande. One of the characters on Nick's show Victorious, where she plays the role of Cat.

But as you will notice, unlike with Molly, Keke, and Josh. Ariana hasn't said who she is voicing. In this case I agree with
The Oblivious Prattler, neither she will be VAing Roxy, or Tecna. Personally, I am leaning towards Roxy.

If you haven't hear her before, be sure to play this video call "Cat Valentine's Funny Moments | Victorious" by YouTube user xhomecutie

It also seems like my theory, that Nick will have some of their stars in the Winx is proving true, now that half of the known VAs are from Nick. But one thing is for sure, welcome to the club Ariana!

What do you think about Ariana voicing, who does she sound like the most to you? And who do you want or don't want to see join the club?


btst2b said...

Maybe Stella..

Shayna said...

I asked her on Facebook who she was voicing and she didn't answer me. :(

Lazy Lil' FoS said...

Maybe Roxy? I dunno, but with that hair, you've got to wonder...
Actually, it might be Musa, because that girl is an ABSOLUTELY 100% AMAZING singer.
I'll be interested to see how this all turns out. :)

Ella said...

I know what you mean Shayna, I tweeted her yesterday. No reply, but she is busy.

Shayna said...
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Anonymous said...

she's diaspro
check this out!

Anonymous said...

also check out

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