Season 5 Information And More

 Information from  Winx---Belieivx and WinxClub4Ever

Rainbow Company announced the transfer of rights to broadcast serila PopPixie channel Nickelodeon in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Eastern Europe, CIS and Africa.
The series is also sold for the show in Italy, France, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Africa, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa and Israel.

Thus, the series will be broadcast in more than 50 countries that hold the line of toys, Bandai, as well as products for more than 30 major European licensees, such as the Giochi Preziosi, Clementoni, Ravensburger, Rusconi, Hachette.

In Russia, signing important for the company's contract with the STS channel on the TV series Winx Club and PopPixie. The TV series Winx Club deal was for 5 seasons. All of them were produced in collaboration with Nickelodeon. CTC has already been transferred the right of the first 4 seasons, the show which will begin in the fall. The fifth season will be broadcast in autumn 2012 New Movie Magic Winx 3D adventure will come to the big screen in January next year, the date specified!

From Winx---Belieivx 

 From what it stands now, US willn't be getting PopPixie. But we now know more about Winx in the US, Season 5 will now air in the fall of next year rather than in February, and the second Winx movie will come in January of next year, but it will come to the theaters!


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