130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 5- Ella


Reason #5- The Winx Have Brought People Together.
The biggest reason why I love Winx,is because it is so much more than just a show. The Winx have brought people together who wouldn't have meet other wise. It has allowed us to put what makes us different aside and has made things seem a lot less different.Despite the different customs, believes and walks of life, it has also given us a chance to learn how other people live. Seeing things from another point of view, that we may have never seen before. Made the world not as big as we all though it once was.
Never before I started my fanfic or even Winx 4 Life realized this. But now that I have it is truly amazing. Because of the Winx I have made friends with people all over the world. That other wise I would never have meet, I have made so many friends I don't think I can list them all (I could but it would be a very long list!). And I know that I have many more friends to make as the years will go by. Never have I seen so many people that connect so well over the same thing. It is nothing short of amazing.
No matter where you live the Winx have made some truly powerful magic, they have taken people who other wise wouldn't have anything in common and transformed them into a global community as well as one very large family. And for that we all owe them many thanks. Now that is the TRUE magic of the Winx Club! Thank You Winx, thank you so much!



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SO true. This is my favorite reason so far. ^_^

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LIKE this

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