130 Resons We Love Winx! Day 1-Ella

Hay everyone one! Ella (Musicalyak) here! So here at Winx 4 Life we are going to do something special! In celebration of the upcoming Winx Movie Magical Adventure (that opens in 130 days!) we are going to celebrate by counting down the 130 reasons we love Winx. Each day Angela, stellabigfan and myself will be posting the reasons why we love Winx. But we also need you guys to tell us why you love Winx! So comment or email us!

Reason #1: Dreams Coming True.
All of us have a dream, from taking center stage by storm or writing the next great novel or even being a fairy (like Bloom). And in the Winx shows how if you believe in yourself and your dreams they can become real. Just ask any of the Winx ;)And who wouldn't want to fly with the Winx?
Look for more reasons why we love Winx!


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