Winx 4 Life Contest *Update*

Hay everyone we have decieded to extend out due date on the contest till Aug. 1!
Make Your Own Season 5 Contest! Here is what you need to do.
-Make up your own original Winx Season 5 transformation, including how it is earned.
-Bring it to life, draw it! You can draw as many Winx girls as you want- as long as it fits on one piece paper!
-Write a summary of what will happen in Season 5!
-Once your done email it to us at and include your name, age and location (only opened to U.S and Canadian citizens)
-The contest begins today and will end of the Aug 1.

The winner will receive two magical Winx books! Hidden Secrets: a book from season 1 and a coloring book with sparkly temporary tattoos!
So come join the fun!


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