130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 10 - Angela

Reason #10: Fairies rock!
What had first attracted me to the show; Winx Club, was the fact that this was a cartoon about fairies.... a unique mythical creature that I have loved since I was little.  I think its awesome that there is a great show out there about such a neat fantasy creature; and I think it's great that Rainbow helped bring them into the spotlight since I really don't see shows or movies about fairies very often at all.  They really created some awesome characters with tres fabulous fairy-transformations!


Princesska28 said...

Cool! Can I be a writer so I can write my reason?

Princesska28 said...

Do you know there is cartoon that is Fairly OddParents which is super dumb? That was centered on Fairies. But I hate they were all crazy and kept repeating each joke. AND THE VILLIANS ARE RIDDICULOUS!

Ella said...

Yeah that show is not very good, and sure you can send in your reason via comment or email us at winx4life.blog@gmail.com

Princesska28 said...

Ok. My reason is Lights, Camera, WinX!!

The WinX balanced everything. ( And got a good rating. ) This was the time I like WinX. Fairly OddParents is such to perfect for me. For they repeat jokes. But I like Wanda and Poof ( Cutness and Smartness is what you need to be perfect for a girl like me ). I mean, Butch Hartman put a lot of work on it. The Artwork, the voices that work, the Jokes, and the Personality. But Each of those? It did not contained some girly stuff. They did have girls. But it is overall too boyish and comedic. Kirby 64 ( Which is video game ) did actually work. The Fairies were humanoids. But have good outfits which match personality ( For Ribbon she wore a ribbon on her head and somewhat a mix of a polo,suit, and tunic. ) It is pretty frilly and looked alot girly. Ignio Straffi and the creator the Kirby franchise did not care if it is girly or not. They care for the ratings. They did not stoped running the entier franchises. And gone pretty popular. They just try to balance the boys stuff and girl stuff! I want a franchise in that way. Which is something to be popular among the people. Even bullies make fun of the two good franchises. They just make sure to make an episode or a game to teach them a lesson. They love it with a lot of fans. Kirby Franchise might be a bit hard to connect people. Somewhat rivals in the beggining to be friends. Kirby franchise was sorta funny because they gave Zero Two a cactus for a but and have sorta some " Walk on Lava " joke ( Which is from the video . For Winx my critique for the Artwork is games )

" Fascinating, Beatiful, and Enchanting. The animation is smooth and enbodies it as a whole. "

While in Kirby franchise. I like the music I properly say:

" The song is light and lively. Setting moods for each level. "

I optionally like franchises when every work they put in. From the Artworks to the Music. The theme should be enchanting. Full of good animation, funny scenes, dramatic ones, and the best of all.... the action. Kirby and Winx franchises were so popular it could teach people a lesson.

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