Winx has arrived on iTunes!

As seen on the popular Winx site Micheal's Winx Club- it has been announced that on the American and UK iTunes site we finally have Winx Club music! Now you can buy all the songs from the concert, season 4 and 3 singles from the first movie. But what is surprising is we have the season 4 soundtrack, but no season 4. Could this mean that the Winx will be flying on our TVs in season 4 soon? Or did they just put it up because they added it to the UK page? But all in all this is a big step to see some Winx on iTunes. I have been requesting that they add the show to iTunes forever, maybe they will add it soon. One thing is for sure, the Winx are back again and this time they are here to stay! Now I have to go download rest of the songs! I have a feeling that some of friends won't be happy, considering I will now be playing these songs all the time. Oh Well. Winx 4 Life!


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