All Grown Up?


Looking at these images we can see how much the Winx have grown and changed from season 1 to their newest movie. Even thought they have been through alot together, you almost have to wounder, how much longer will it last? The first 3 seasons as well as the first and second movie where all based around Bloom and sometimes the other Winx girls. Then in season 4 we had another Bloomish season with Roxy(no offence, I love Roxy!). But after all that what can happen next? They have save Bloom's home and Earth, and now Bloom, Stella, Layla(it can be counted if Nabu comes back) are all getting married. Soon Tecna, Musa, Flora and perhaps Roxy will also reach that point. With them all getting older, you almost have to wounder who will take over next? As much as I hate to say it the Winx Club's days may be numbered, but their is always hope for a new group of fairies. As seen on their are many stories that could easly become a spin off of Winx. Including mine the Lightix Club. But hopefully we will not have to say goodbye to our favortie fairies yet. But we can always hope for another spin off!


Anonymous said...

Winx Club? Grew up? Well, I'll admit they look older, but growing up? No, I really have to disagree with you on that one. They still maintained the high school mentality and the elitist "I'm a princess so I get what I want" attitudes. Getting a character to grow up in a pain in the bukus, especially a teenager--all sorts of butt-kicking need to happen in order to drive the life lessons home. Not to mention the whole crud about it being all about the girls--boys were too one-dimensional and the realm overall was too child-centric for my tastes. Not to mention all the pathetic stereotypes being overplayed, such as boys being clueless about fashion and incorporating all the teenaged stock characters such as the jock (Brandon and Sky), the loner (Riven), the nerd (Timmy), the diva (Stella), the brainiac (Techna), the shy girl (Flora), the new girl (Bloom and later on Roxy), the athletic girl (Layla/Aisha) and those are only the gender and teenager stereotypes I'm touching on. Do not even go there about the stereotypes regarding magic and overall paganism or Wicca, which Ignino Straffi has managed to ignore like the rest of the public. It gets irritating--also, Straffi's artistic work, while commendable in ways, screwed up basic physiology in making all the girls look like anorexic twigs; the 'girlish figures' they have regarding the waist lines are more suited for a ten-year-old, maybe a twelve-year-old. Not for girls who age between fourteen and eighteen unless said girls--and I do not doubt this as they are princesses and thus have access to massive fortunes--managed to remove their entire rib cage and shrink their stomachs to the size of a walnut.

I could go on the things that are incredibly wrong with Winx Club, but the list is very long and while I do like it, it doesn't change the fact that Winx is a baby, sugarcoated show with allowing children the run of things and ignoring the fact that any school with a lack of discipline--and I include both girls' schools in this with a special emphasis on Cloud Tower--is more than likely to lead to a school shooting as well as the fact that in the feud between the girls' schools, it's the boys who get hurt the most because they are caught in the freakin' cross-fire. Ergo, Winx Club--basic storyline, stock characters, character stagnation...thank goodness for fanfiction; at least in my own way I can improve what's flawed since I can't exactly buy the exclusive rights.

Princesska28 said...

Do you want me too tell something? The Winx will still have children to inherit the club!

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